The recipe for a more productive you ✨

Conveniently track your personal tasks and the time you spend on them to figure out your main time wasters.

How does it work?

Create a task

Figure out the task you want to track and create it in the tasks page

Time your task

Click your task and start the timer to calculate how much time you spend on it

Repeat for all tasks

Create and time all the tasks you want to track. These may be tasks like Working, Learning, etc.

Save your progress

When you're done with your tasks for the day, save your progress as a session

Loaded with features

Always-On Timer

Effichron's Always-On Timer ensures your tasks are always tracked, even when you close the website. Seamlessly monitor your progress without any interruptions.

Easy Sync

Effichron's Easy Sync keeps tasks in sync across multiple devices with the tap of a button.

Sessions History

Effichron's Sessions History feature empowers you to access and review all your saved sessions effortlessly. Dive into detailed overviews of past task progress and gain crucial insights.